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As spotted on the Optimus project blog:

Large concrete Russian keyboard keys on grass

This is a standard Latin and Cyrillic double-layout on a monumental concrete keyboard installed in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg (shot on Sunday).

Visit the blog for a larger image.

How cool is that! Doubly-so that it is in both Russian and English. But then I have a particular fondness for Russia.

I’d love to have one of those in my garden. I’d love to have a garden big enough to have one of those installed.

Quite inspiring.

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3 thoughts on “Garden input”

  1. Alright, how about having that as your gravestone then?

    Except that your gravestone is composed of all the keys that make up your name and message, and stretches out for a quarter of a mile.

    And can only be read from space.

    Or Google Earth!

  2. The coolest keyboard I have seen is the one which is for a pda, from memory a small unit projects the “red” keyboard onto a flat surface – its almost full size, unfortunately I have never seen one in use so I guess they never made it into production

    btw, I thought the last analogy in relation to the Mozilla/IE7 debate was a bit wide of the mark.

    You have to view these things from a wider angle rather than perhaps just IT literate users – I support over 2,000 servers deployed across the uk which are accessed from a browser, compatability is paramount when we release an upgrade or new version.


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