Lock – phone – BB

A key

When I got home from work today Jane had had the front door lock changed! To be honest I’m surprised that she’s not done it sooner!

Actually, all was good: there have been some days that I’ve had to leave via the back door as I couldn’t physically unlock the front.

Just in case you were wondering, none of that was a euphemism. I honestly sometimes couldn’t get out the house! Which was somewhat frustrating.

New old phone

Nokia 5140i

In other news: I’m back to using my old-school Nokia 5140i.

My O2 Xda Orbit is now safely packaged up and ready to be returned to the O2 store in Edinburgh tomorrow. Following the hard reset and reinstallation of the other evening within 5 hours of being used after that it crashed … and then a couple of hours later completely froze. Bah!

Big sister?

Big Brother 2007 logo
While reinstalling software on my Psion 7Book I sat watching Big Brother on Channel 4 with Jane. Looks like it’s mostly Big Sister this year: eleven females and not a Y-chromosome in sight.

Until Friday. Poor fella.

Good to see Chris Moyles on Big Brother’s Big Mouth, though.