Obviously not too metal for St Andrews

Terrorizer on the shelves in my local WHSmith
Terrorizer magazine sitting proudly on the shelves of my local metal-luvin’ WHSmith

May the gods of real metal™ be praised! Look what I spotted on the shelves of my local WHSmith: if it’s not this month’s Terrorizer magazine – the world’s leading extreme music magazine.

And here was I saying to someone just the other day that Terrorizer magazine was too metal for St Andrews. I’m glad to be proved wrong.

When Kerrang! magazine went all nu-metal and emo that left only Metal Hammer to satisfy one’s interest in all things heavy. But now I’ve discovered Terrorizer too. I’ve not felt this excited since reading Mega Metal Kerrang! back in the day, when thrash metal was on the ascendency.

This month’s issue of Terrorizer features a cover shot of Finnish Viking-metal/folk-metal band Turisas as taken by the ever-talented Steve Brown; whose wife Lorna, incidentally, has the most wonderful and charming blog, one of my favourites: Lorna’s Thunks, thoroughly recommended.

Right, I’m off for my tea now. That’s how metal I am!