O2 Xda Orbit … nearly a review

O2 XDA Orbit - it's a PDA, a phone, a GPS, a Radio ... everything!

It was my intention this evening to write a review of my O2 Xda Orbit, the mobile/cell phone / PDA / GPS / radio device that I got about a month ago.

But instead I’m spending my evening performing a hard reset and reinstalling everything, for the second time this month. And I’m not even going to say how many times I’ve had to perform a soft reset. A day.

That, I guess, is a review in itself.

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  1. What are you doing to the thing? In over a year of owning an i-Mate JAMin (which is more or less the same, save for the GPS) I’ve only once had to hard-reset it and rarely had to soft reset it (and all those occasions were when it wasn’t correctly configured to receive MMS and threw a wobbler when it was sent one). The i-mate has been pretty reliable.

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  3. Ricky, I wish I knew!

    Not even 24 hours after I did a full system (hard)reset and reinstalled a few applications: SPB Mobile Shell, .NET CF 2.0, CoPilot and a couple of others I’ve had to do yet another Soft Reset as the machine had crashed/hung while trying to open Start > Programs.

    And then it crashed ActiveSync 4.5 and corrupted the data in Outlook 2003.


    I’ve been in touch with O2 XDA Tech Support. They suggested the Hard Reset and see if that helped. It hasn’t. I’ll be in touch with them again and see if I can get the machine replaced.

    I’m regretting moving away from a Nokia. At least the Symbian OS is more robust than this Windows Mobile offering. (Isn’t it?)

  4. I’ve telephone tech support and have been instructed to return my O2 XDA Orbit to my nearest O2 store, where it will be sent for repair.

    Repair?! I’ve hardly used it. It’s almost brand new. It should simply be replaced for a new model. Preferably one that works.

  5. I have an o2 xda orbit. Dont install copilot 6 thats half the problem i know its worth 99.99 but its really awful. Buy tomtom navigator6 for 87.00 and its far more user fRiendly and updates automatically. Also o2 orbit is known to corrupt micro sd data. You can get a software patch which reduces the risk. I havent had any problems since I got rid of co pilot6. Tomtom does a clean install. I had same problems. It will work with tomtom navigator 6. One last thing invest in a 2gb micro sd card at http://www.amazon.co.uk cost 14.00

  6. I’ve been using CoPilot 6 since I got my Xda Orbit. Even with Windows Mobile 5 I found it really useful.

    Since upgrading to Windows Mobile 6 I’ve re-installed CoPilot 6 and it’s working fine, no problems to be reported here.

    I’ve a few niggles with the user-interface for CoPilot (but haven’t I with most applications!) but other than that I’ve had no problems with it at all. It works for me, does what I need it to do, I won’t be upgrading.

    Besides, I love reading maps!

  7. Hi, I need help with my copilot software!!! I read someone installed copilot on their 2gb sd card so as not to slow their Orbit down also I do not want to have to run copilot with copilot sd card always installed as I would prefer to keep my 2gb sd card instead. I copied install files from copilot sd card to Orbit then copied across to 2gb sd and then installed from there. Install went ok, even asked for reg key but now when I try to start Copilot it says “Unable to open Copilot. Please make sure the storage card is inserted or that the data has been properly downloaded”. Not sure what I have missed. I would really appreciate any advice!

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