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I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a little obsessive with keeping things in order, neatly categorised and (usually fairly) tidy: books, cassettes, CDs, clothes, files, folders and even MP3 tags. Which is why I love this piece of software: Mp3tag by German programmer Florian Heidenreich.

What it does

Mp3tag is a simple piece of freeware (donations are welcome) software that allows you to simply, and quickly edit the ID3 tag meta-data information contained within your MP3 files. This is the information that stores details about the title, artist, album, year, track, genre and each track.

I would get frustrated that sometimes after ripping a CD to MP3 I’d discover that the CDDB data was wrong, or not up to my (rather particular) standards. (A recent example: I ripped Satchel’s debut album EDC and discovered that the person who’d uploaded that data to CDDB had labelled it as a Brad album.)

Of course, every one of my installed MP3 players (WinAmp, iTunes and Windows Media Player 11) has the ability to edit this information but I wanted a fast standalone application that I could run independently of my media player and after a quick search on the mighty Google I stumbled upon Mp3tag and I’ve been delighted with it for the last couple of months.

Simple to use

Using it is simple:

  1. Start Mp3tag
  2. Select a folder of MP3 files
  3. Select the files you wish to edit the ID3 tag data for
  4. Make your adjustments, eg add a year, correct the spelling of the album title, and change the genre to all the files within your chosen album
  5. Click Save


Of course it also does a lot more including allowing you to choose between ID3v1, ID3v2 or APE metadata, and use data from an online CDDB database, but my favourite facility is the ability to change the filename to match the tag information (Tag – Filename) or vice versa (Filename – Tag). You can also change the case of tag information (lowercase, Mixed Case, Sentence case or UPPER CASE). Fabulous!!

It’s the versatility, usefulness and simplicity of this application that brings me back to it again and again. That and my slightly obsessive-compulsive nature. And my inability to proof-read MP3 tags when I’m ripping them in WinAmp to start with.

In second place…

Incidentally, of the media players I have installed I find the tag information editor in iTunes to be one of my favourites, followed by Windows Media Player 11, and lastly WinAmp. I use WinAmp the most but its tag editing facilities sadly have a long way to go before I’ll stop using the wonderfully useful Mp3tag.

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