Weekend in pictures

Saturday morning

Eddie tidying the study

I was in Selkirk again on Saturday helping Mum sort things prior to putting her house on the market. My brother Eddie and I focussed on the study, where we’d dumped various books, boxes, and files from previous weeks’ tidying. It was satisfying putting right the mess we’d made before.

Saturday afternoon

Owen and Eddie

In the afternoon Eddie’s wife Rebecca and son Owen came down to visit. This is one of my favourite photographs of Owen that I took that afternoon. He’s looking so like a little boy now, rather than a baby — he’s 16 months old now.

Sunday afternoon

Anstruther harbour

On Sunday afternoon Jane’s sister Pauline and family came over for lunch. We took a walk down to the harbour on a beautiful, warm afternoon; enjoyed ice creams at quayside and took a walk along the pier.

Jane kissing Gareth on the cheek.

Controlled explosion?

For the last few months (for ‘few’ read ‘six’) we’ve been meaning to get around to driving all the way to Cellardyke (for ‘all the way’ read ‘less than a mile’) to pick up a few boxes that we’d left in the outhouse at Toft Terrace. There were a couple of boxes of gardening tools, a bike rack for the car and a wheel barrow.

Last night, before I went to bed, I quickly checked my e-mail: there was one from my friend Iain, to whom we used to live next door in Cellardyke. He attached this photograph:

Collapsed outhouse

Oh my!

And this brief explanation:

See attached a pic of what appears to have been a controlled explosion in Toft Terrace! The neighbouring outbuilding survived with only the loss of a few bricks.

The disaster struck at 3.00 pm on Saturday. No women, children or animals were hurt, although a bar-be-que was left with mild concussion.

The salvage operation is about to begin, but made all the harder by the uncertainty as to whom this particular outbuilding belongs.

Maybe now would be a good time to recover our belongings.