Error message of the week

An interface has too many methods to fire events from

The other day I transferred a short five minutes video clip from my DV camera. The bundled software saved it to MPG format, which I then tried to import into the Windows Movie Maker application that comes installed as standard on Windows XP.

Only it wouldn’t have a bar (frame?) of it, instead presenting me with this incredibly user-friendly (that was irony!) warning:

An interface has too many methods to fire events from.

What?! What on earth does that mean?!! How on earth are non-über-geeks supposed to know what to do when presented with that sort of nonsense error message? Poor show Microsoft!

What I did was install my copy of PureMotion EditStudio 1.5 and imported and edited my video clip in that instead. In EditStudio your interface can use as many methods to fire events from as it pleases … I presume.

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