Commodore Gaming – They’ve arrived!

Commodore PC in the colours of a Commodore 64

I think I’ve just found my perfect PC case design! It’s so old school and retro it is truly a marvel to behold.

(Yes, Mike, I know you think it sucks!)

As promised the new range of Commodore Gaming PCs have landed. The most expensive model, the Commodore XX — with every feature on offer — will set you back over £5,000, while the ‘cheaper’ G and GS models start at £949 and £1049 respectively.

As much as I’d love a personalized, initialled GS model once I customize it to my liking the price doubles to £2,081.04. I’d be interested to read a review — if you spot one do let me know via the comments, or e-mail me; thanks. In the meantime I’ll get saving for my next PC.

Reviews (update)

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2 thoughts on “Commodore Gaming – They’ve arrived!”

  1. I want one…I need one…the box that is…not the gaming console…

    On my last computer (the one that died the commodore 64 screen came up as it was loading…

    It was just like old times…happy days

  2. Gaming console?!

    Commodore Gaming are offering top-of-the-range PCs. Because gamers tend to want fast, blinged PCs this is the market to whom they are aiming their machines at.

    I’ll bet you that the C64 started up faster than a modern day PC. Mind you, it only had 64 KB of memory … and only 38 KB was available to the programmer. Back in the day.

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