No water

Tap running water

This evening our water went off. Seemingly Scottish Water are doing essential maintenance in the area and the supply will be off from 19:00 this evening until 04:00 tomorrow.

Which is a real shame as I had to cancel the first annual “Anstruther Cleanest Car and Wet T-shirt Competition” that was scheduled for this evening. You should have seen the disappointed looks on everyone’s faces.

Every other time, in every other house I’ve lived in, it’s not mattered that the water has gone off. We just have to be prudent and only use small amounts of water so that the storage tank in the attic doesn’t drain too quickly. I assumed that it would be the same here.

However, this house doesn’t have a water storage tank in the attic. Or water coming out of the taps.

Still, necessity is the mother of invention. I’m off now to have a bath in a cocktail of milk, bubble bath, squash concentrate, the water from vases and vinegar. I bet Jane is glad that she’s staying at her Mum and Dad’s (hydrated) house this evening.

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