Powerpoint Edinburgh (April 2007)

Vox AD50VT guitar amplifier

It’s time to dust down my guitar, amp and riffs for another month: it’s Powerpoint Edinburgh tonight; the last of the current session.

I drove down to Edinburgh last night for rehearsals, which was fun. Except for the bit where I nearly crashed into the side of a lorry when, without warning, the road was reduced from two to one lane. On a corner.

I was in the outside (fast) lane at the time and could almost feel the tyres digging into the road as I stepped heavily and hastily on the brakes. Shortly after I drove past a group of workmen putting out more cones. If I may offer a little tip: signs then cones, it’s safer that way.

Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of our move to Fife on Wednesday 19 April 2006.

Much has happened since then. I’m much healthier now than I was then, on almost every level, happier and more content. It has been a good move and a good year. What better way to celebrate than to play live music with friends and worship God?