Stig(ma) of the dump

Eddie and Gareth breaking up a bed in the garden.

Well, in the end we had a really relaxed and quite weekend in Selkirk.

Oh, hang on! No! It’s the other one. We had a really busy, emotional but productive day clearing out seven car-loads of “stuff” from the shed.

I even managed to lose my head once or twice.

Eddie sawing off Gareth's head in the garden.

The irony was that most of the stuff that we binned was stuff that Dad had … “salvaged” from skips about twenty years ago.

On our first visit to the Civic Amenities Site (dump!) the attendant was wearing a shirt and high-vis bib. On the second visit he’d abandoned the shirt and was just wearing the high-vis. A couple of hours later, on our third trip he was topless. I can’t tell you how nervous we were on our fourth and final visit of the day.

We’re going back (to Selkirk) in a couple of weeks time for The Clearing of the Box Room. It makes Pandora’s Box feel like Disneyland!

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