A lovely few days

Geeks on the sofa

A fine couple of days in the company of good friends Steve and Lisa. Of course, I could have posted photos of our beautiful walk through beautiful St Andrews on a beautiful sunny, spring afternoon yesterday. Or outside church in Leven this morning.

But no, I chose a photo of them geeking out on the sofa this evening, while we watched Manchester Passion on VHS (taped from BBC2 last year).

The big questions asked this weekend have included: Why has Sir Cliff Richard not rewritten the lyrics to Mistletoe and Wine for Easter? There are plenty of songs come out for Christmas, but why not for Easter too?

Probably because it might end up something like this:

Easter time
chocolate and bunnies

Children singing “it’s Easter egg time!”
With eggs on the menu and type two diabetes on the horizon.

A time to rejoice he was nailed to a tree.

Yeah, probably wouldn’t be quite the commercial success that the Christmas version was.

I honestly don’t get the whole Easter bunny thing. Rabbits don’t lay eggs! And our cats brought in a rabbit the other day — hardly the picture of new life and resurrection that one might hope for at this time of year.

Anyway, it’s been quite a lovely couple of days, with much laughter, plenty of good music shared, and the least amount of chocolate I’ve ever consumed at Easter. And on the church front, I felt quite blessed to take the service on Maundy Thursday and then again today at St Margaret’s, Leven.

Here is re:Jesus on the real meaning of Easter.