Day-trip to sunny Dundee

Ninewells Hospital
Ninewells Hospital (Image courtesy of the University of Dundee)

Today’s big adventure was a trip to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee for my six-monthly renal appointment. (For new readers, I have an inherited kidney condition: autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.)

I’m always a little nervous at renal appointments — too many experiences of doctors shouting at me and telling me that I’m going to die (I kid you not!) — but I needn’t have worried. The doctor I saw, Dr Henderson, was lovely. He listened to me, treated me like a person and told me lots of exciting developments in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease. It’s always nice to be seen by someone with a real interest in both the medical condition and the patient.

Six months ago I was told that unless I lost weight, which should also help reduce my blood pressure (bp), I would have to go on pills (possibly for life) to ensure that my bp was reduced. I stepped nervously on the scales today and discovered that to my delight I had lost 6.2 Kg (0.976 stones) since my last visit. My blood pressure was almost normal.

The one thing that did concern the doctor, however, was the recurring UTI and related epididymitis. So, leaving Jane and me in the consulting room he popped down the corridor for a moment and managed to get me an impromptu appointment with a urologist.

Thirty minutes later I was sitting in front of another doctor, who asked me a few questions, prodded me for a bit and then prescribed me my third antibiotic in as many weeks; this course, however, would last four weeks — none of this five days nonsense as with these last two drugs.

Jane drove me home under the late afternoon sun, like a warm summer’s day (18°C) and a world apart from the other morning’s -2°C. Now I simply have to get well again, back to work tomorrow (at last!), and hopefully soon back on my bike and back to weights. I have (at least) another 6 Kg to lose.