Postcard from Egg (1987)

I found a box of old postcards today. Expect to see them appear on the blog through the coming months.

For starters I thought I’d share with you this postcard from my school friend Alasdair — who was always known to us as “Egg” back in the day — from a holiday he enjoyed (?) in France in 1987, the year of our ‘O’ Grades.

Gouffre de Padirac (Lot)
Above: Gouffre de Padirac (Lot) – 1. Lac de la pluie (Lake of the rain)

Just in case you wondered, “Zen” was our Staffordshire Bull Terrier (a dog with a mind of its own!); named after the computer in Blake’s 7.

Dear Gareth,

Travelled to France overnight and now staying on campsite in Dordogne. The British courier on our site sits drinking outside his caravan, informing everyone who passes on his views on immigration and Arthur Scargill. Have spent much time in caves. Yesterday was Bastille Day. A very painful experience for the Royalist. The weather is extremely hot. Regards to Zen.


I particularly like his seamless transition from Arthur Scargill to caves.