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Believe it or not, I didn’t do any blogging last week. Oh, I know that blog posts appeared on the site each day but I actually wrote those two Fridays ago, while watching Comic Relief, and scheduled them to appear throughout the week, just so you wouldn’t miss me!

The plan

Last week I was in Selkirk, visiting my Mum. The plan was that I drive down on Mothering Sunday and throughout the week give Mum a hand clearing out a few cupboards, the shed and help organise her paperwork. Hey! What else are information architect sons for?

The reality

However, the week didn’t go entirely to plan, on two accounts. First, I developed a UTI, and second, Mum decided that she’d have to sell the house. The rest of the week was spent taking antibiotics, drinking copious amounts of cranberry juice and helping Mum begin to get the ball rolling with regards putting her house on the market; Jane came down on Thursday evening and was a star on Friday speaking with estate agents, the building society and the bank.

The realty

It wasn’t a decision that Mum wanted to have to make. She doesn’t want to sell her house, the house she’s lived in for 35 years, and in which she raised her family. But the reality is that with recent increases in mortgage and fuel rates she now has no choice. So much for a Labour government looking after its people! It is sickening.

On the other hand, a smaller house will be cheaper to maintain and hopefully will be much less hassle for Mum. But a house move is always stressful regardless of the circumstances.


If it is your discipline to pray, please pray for my mum Rosalie, that she’ll

  • be able to sell the house for a good price
  • find the right house or flat to move into, in Selkirk
  • continue to trust that God has everything in hand and will support and guide her


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