Lenovo ThinkPad battery recall

Lenovo laptop battery

The days of laptop battery recalls are not over, it would appear. Lenovo are recalling a bunch of ThinkPad batteries just now.

Thankfully (for me) the battery for my Lenovo 3000 C100 is okay and not being recalled. You can check if your Lenovo laptop battery is being recalled here: Check battery. There are two ways to do this.

Option 1

If you’re actually using your Lenovo ThinkPad to check that website WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??! It could blow up in your face! And you could delete the whole internet by doing that!!

If you are still here and insist on using your ThinkPad you can actually download an actual application which will quiz your actual battery directly. It actually works something like this:

Application: Excuse me battery, is you, like, a dangerous one?

Battery: Why should I tell you?!

Application: Cos, like, yeah … I’m from your maker.

Battery: Aw, right. Okay, then … em, no I’m fine thanks. No unsuspecting house fires caused by me. Thanks for asking. Bye!

Application: Bye!

Something like that.

Option 2

The second option involves physically removing the battery from your laptop and entering the 22-character serial number into an online form.

It looks something like this:


Do not confuse it with something like this:


That’s a credit card number. I don’t know whose. Why not try it out at Dabs.com and see if you can order yourself some tasty gear. You’ll obviously have to make up the other details, like expiry date, CVV number, name, address, … other stuff … but I’ve done the hard bit for you: the long number.

Anyway, back to exploding batteries.

Then click the “Continue” button and as if by magic you’ll be told whether you have a safe battery or a potential weapon of mass destruction warming your lap.

This has been a public safety announcement from the Potting Shed Computer Safety Services trying to help you feel positive about the potential destruction of your precious data.

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