The 24 game

The following takes place between 11:27 and 11:30.

Jane and I are currently watching our way through the 24 series’ 1 – 4 box set (thanks to Rich for loaning it to us).

We’re currently midway through series 2, and have just seen the bit where Jack … [censored] … shortly after the … [censored] … was … [censored] … by the … [censored] … which I think you’ll agree was quite exciting.

Although I have to say that some of the tension during those scenes where you are left wondering whether Jack will live or die was spoiled a little by the knowledge that we’ve already seen series 5 and know that Jack is still alive and kicking.

We have a game that we play during the scheduled breaks in the programme. Just before going to a commercial break, which you thankfully avoid when watching the series on DVD, the screen turns black and the picture is replaced with a clock ticking away the seconds.


There is one simple rule of the game: guess at what time the clock will resume after the break. That’s it. It’s harder than you might imagine.

Because each episode takes place within a particular hour our convention is simply to state minutes and seconds, e.g.

Jane: 24:38
Gareth: 24:46

It’s an incomplete game at the moment, as we’ve only just thought about scoring it and have yet to work out the scoring system; suggestions welcome.

Having watched series’ 1, 4, 5 and now half-way through series 2 the closest we’ve ever got is one second out, e.g.

11:24:37 (where Jane’s guess would have been closest)

Frustratingly last week I guessed the time within one second three times within the same episode.

The game continues…

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6 thoughts on “The 24 game”

  1. Even though you’ve seen series 5 (which I am currently 15/24ths of the way through) and Jack is apparently alive and well, don’t be too sure that he can’t actually die in series 2 or 3… As I recall, he’s been dead at least [censored] times in the earlier series.

    Once you’ve watched series 1, 2, 4 & 5, series 3 will be a bit of a let down as it was the weakest one so far. But still quite good.

  2. You’re right! We got to the end of series 2 on Sunday evening, taking a 60 mins break, of course, to watch Top Gear.

    I know another story about someone who dies and comes back to life again. Now, what was it…?


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