The hat challenge

Gareth looking magic in a fez

Remember that splendid fez that I wore for the “How I made this website better with a Big Red Fez” post back in January 2006?

Well this weekend I’m saying goodbye to it and passing it on to bigger and better things than sitting atop my head for comedy blog posts.

Within the next few days my big red fez (kindly gifted to me a few years ago by Tony Hodges, not to be confused with Terry Hedges) will be briefly reunited with to Tony en route to Matt Rumblelow for his Hat Challenge™. He’s collecting hats for charity, CLIC Sargent to be exact.

Feel free to donate. Money or hats welcome, I assume.

The 24 game

The following takes place between 11:27 and 11:30.

Jane and I are currently watching our way through the 24 series’ 1 – 4 box set (thanks to Rich for loaning it to us).

We’re currently midway through series 2, and have just seen the bit where Jack … [censored] … shortly after the … [censored] … was … [censored] … by the … [censored] … which I think you’ll agree was quite exciting.

Although I have to say that some of the tension during those scenes where you are left wondering whether Jack will live or die was spoiled a little by the knowledge that we’ve already seen series 5 and know that Jack is still alive and kicking.

We have a game that we play during the scheduled breaks in the programme. Just before going to a commercial break, which you thankfully avoid when watching the series on DVD, the screen turns black and the picture is replaced with a clock ticking away the seconds.


There is one simple rule of the game: guess at what time the clock will resume after the break. That’s it. It’s harder than you might imagine.

Because each episode takes place within a particular hour our convention is simply to state minutes and seconds, e.g.

Jane: 24:38
Gareth: 24:46

It’s an incomplete game at the moment, as we’ve only just thought about scoring it and have yet to work out the scoring system; suggestions welcome.

Having watched series’ 1, 4, 5 and now half-way through series 2 the closest we’ve ever got is one second out, e.g.

11:24:37 (where Jane’s guess would have been closest)

Frustratingly last week I guessed the time within one second three times within the same episode.

The game continues…