Need an idea?

Idea a day website

I’ve only just discovered the idea a day website. What a great idea: a website packed with ideas. Whose idea was that? Genius!

My favourite idea is from Day 1169:

Erect meeting posts in city centres. The posts would be arranged in a wide circle and would be called ‘One o’clock’, ‘Two o’clock’, and so on. People could simply arrange to meet Four o’clock and safe in the knowledge that all parties would be aware of the time and location of the rendezvous. To make things even simpler, Twelve o’clock would be due north and Six o’clock due south.

A not-so-clever idea was building the site in Flash, however.

How about someone coming up with an ikea a day website, offering ideas about how to build furniture, mix ‘n match options, and other similar snippets of Swedish DIY handiness?