An evening of verbs, mostly

Black Hawk Down CD cover shows a soldier holding a gun.

A quiet yet productive evening:

  • Listening to the amazingly-wonderful Black Hawk Down soundtrack. Regardless of what you might think of the film the soundtrack is other-worldly, fusing African and Eastern melodies and rhythms with Western. Terrific!
  • Replying to e-mails. Catching up with e-mails that I received almost a month ago.
  • Inviting various friends and family to visit/stay/eat.
  • Watching the second part — and the last of the current series — of Waking The Dead. I think this was the best story of the series, but I think I found it particularly interesting because of my Jewish ancestry (my paternal grandfather was Jewish).
  • Uninstalling the now sadly-expired Microsoft Office 2007 (Beta 2) on my laptop.
  • Re-installing the still tremendous Microsoft Office 2003 on my laptop.

I’ll leave you with the lyrics to the song “Hunger” on the Black Hawk Down soundtrack:

Peace is a long time coming
Peace is my prayer for this earth
Bloodshed grows on this earth, famine
Is everywhere, and life is getting harder.
Let’s wake up, all together, and take action before it’s be too late.
Bloodshed grows, famine increases.
Sons of the earth must rise up together to prevent this
Before it’s too late
Life is getting harder on earth
Bloodshed grows and hunger is upon us
It’s late, in the night, the stars Sparkle
I wake up suddenly because I cannot sleep
So much I am suffering for humanity.

(Vocals Performed by Baaba Maal)

Tonight, as I prepare for bed, with this beautiful and lamenting backdrop of Africa-inspired music, I pray for the killing to stop. Join in if it is your discipline.

Look-a-like, pt. 4

Glenn Hoddle

Is it just me or does this person in the photo above look spookily like former England footballer Glenn Hoddle?

When I was little and Scotland had a football team that got into World Cups for some reason (probably because my dad was English) I had a pair of England football strip pyjamas. Glenn Hoddle was my favourite English footballer. Him and Gary Winston Lineker.

If you rearrange the letters in the name ‘Glenn Hoddle’ into alphabetical order you get:


Which, as far as I know, isn’t a real word. But it is an anagram of “Lend Gold Hen”. And ‘Gary Lineker’ is an anagram of “Rely Ear King”.

I think there is a lesson for everyone.