Meet the Revd Simon Stevens

The Revd Simon Stevens

Meet Simon. Cheery, friendly, cuddly Simon. Actually I’ve not tested out the ‘cuddly’ bit but the other two adjectives are true, at least from my experience.

This is the Reverend Simon Stevens. The Reverend Mr Stevens. And not to be confused with simple, secular Mr Simon Stevens, who for all I know might be a bit of a grump when compared with his ecclesiastical namesake.

I don’t know, I’ve not met him. I have no way of telling. Other than actually meeting him I suppose. But then I’d have to do a test, which would involve quite a bit of preparation. You know what it’s like when you set out to compare namesakes. You need questions. And a camera. And it leads to graphs. And debt.

Anyway, I’m not here to introduce you to potentially-grumpy Mr Stevens. I’m here to introduce you to his yellow holiness the Reverend Simon Stevens who, if you’ve not guessed already, is one of God’s chosen. He has been ordained into the holy order of presbyters and can count himself as one of Jesus’s closest friends.

Again, I’m simply speculating here, I can’t vouch for his prayer life but he’s a man of his word, and God’s word, so I think I can be safe in my assumptions and his name is now (probably) in lights in a small room in heaven somewhere. There is probably a plaque there too. And a certificate. In a frame. On some celestial mantelpiece.

So … Simon Stevens (the reverend one) is the Anglican chaplain at the University of Southampton, which is famous for being, amongst other things:

  1. in Southampton
  2. a university
  3. where World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee is a professor
  4. erm … closer to Anstruther than it is to St Andrews, which is another university town.

If you want to find out more about our dear Fr Simon then you will be delighted to learn that Simon currently has three sites for which he is responsible:

  • Yellow … aka The Revd Simon Stevens – Anglican Chaplain at the University of Southampton – his personal homepage
  • Dark Side of the Moon Chaplaincy – his blog
  • Boldrewood Tunnel Society – his project (nice site by the way, Simon!)

Which got me thinking. Simon is always doing lovely and kind things for people. He goes out of his way to be nice to folks, he even goes as far as meeting people such as comedian Dave Gorman and Stewart Lee (the comedian partly responsible for Fist of Fun and making lots of Christians angry).

And it got me wondering: how many of my friends’ (and even strangers’) blogs might we be able to get to feature The Revd Simon Stevens within the next month? So please feel free to download the photograph from his website, resize it to whatever dimensions you wish and remember to link to his site:

Go on! Introduce Simon to your friends, to the WORLD!!, in a bit of random fun, and let’s see how far Simon can travel on the World Wide Web and let’s make Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee a proud man of his university. (Not that I’m implying that he’s not already.)

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