Handing back the keys

A ring of rusty keys

Today I did something that I’ve been keen to do since mid-November: I handed back the keys to 3a Toft Terrace, the rental property we moved into when we first moved to the East Neuk in April 2006.

At long last the letting agent have found a new tenant, which means that we’re now freed from the ‘luxury’ of paying £600+ per month renting and heating a flat in which we are no longer living. (We had a fixed-term lease which wouldn’t expire until April 2007, unless someone else took on the tenancy.) This has been a real answer to prayer, praise God!

I took this telephone call yesterday morning at work:

Woman: Hello, Mr Saunders, this is [insert name] at Rollo Davidson McFarlane in St Andrews. I’m just calling to say that we’ve cancelled the two viewings you had booked this evening, because … we have a new tenant for the property.

Gareth (Man): REALLY?! Excellent!

Woman: Yes, so if you could please hand back the keys on or before 8 February.

So soon! How marvellous. There was much celebration when I hung up from that telephone conversation; some of it with Jane on instant messenger.

And so for the first time since we got married we are responsible for only one house. Not one tied house and a flat. Not one tied house and a holiday cottage. Not one rented flat and a holiday cottage. Not one rented flat, a holiday cottage and a house. Just this one house in which we are now happily and comfortably living.

I have to say, I quite like it this way.

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5 thoughts on “Handing back the keys”

  1. Hi, my name’s Sam, I might be moving into 3a Toft Terrace very soon, came across your post while surfing the web for info! What was it like living there? Very good I trust!? I believe there is some mail there for you! thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Sam, I really enjoyed living at 3a Toft Terrace. I loved how light the flat is upstairs. If I owned the place I’d want to reorganise how downstairs is done: kitchen, living room and massive bathroom. One of the best things about living there though were the neighbours, on both sides.

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