Broadband connection troubles

BT Voyager 2500V modem and router

It’s never straight forward, is it?! Less than a week after I thought my PC had bit the dust, my broadband connection is now less stable than a rickety old shack that houses horses.

Every … so often (somewhere between 1 minute and 3.5 hours, so far) the DSL connection will drop on my BT Voyager 2500V modem/router and then take 30 seconds or so re-establishing the connection. It’s really quite frustrating, especially while downloading files or transferring files across our home network.

Since I manually rebooted the box last night at 20:45 the broadband line status log reports that it has dropped and re-established the connection no fewer than 21 times!

I contacted British Telecom about this on Sunday at 16:40 and heard back from them at 17:54 with a long and detailed e-mail offering a number of suggestions:

  1. Switch off and unplug everything, wait 10 seconds, plug it all in again and switch on. (Ahhh, the old favourite tech support solution: switch it off and switch it back on again!)
  2. Move the modem/router away from any equipment with potential Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).
  3. Check the micro-filter and firewall settings.
  4. Plug the modem/router into the test socket on the BT master phone socket in the house.

Sadly, none of this fixed the problem. I tried it with both my PC and laptop: same problems experienced on both, which made me think that it’s an issue with the phone line and/or the modem. It’s the connection between the ISP and modem that is dropping not the connection between the modem and the PC.

Initially I thought that the router was rebooting itself, but now I’m thinking that it is simply that the modem is simply dropping the DSL connection and then picking it up again. But why?!

BT e-mailed me this morning to inform me that they will be phoning me this evening to talk this issue through. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it and re-establish our once perfect connection.

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