My PC has died, pt.2

A sad, dead PC
A sad, dead PC

Not even two months from the last time that my PC died it’s done it again this morning. Once more I’m gutted and PC-less.

I’d left it to do a defrag overnight — the software automatically shuts down the PC once it’s done — and when I got up this morning discovered that it hadn’t shut down. That happens sometimes, so I just did a reboot via the Windows Start menu. And that was the last I saw of it in a working state.

Once more it gets stuck at the Power On Startup Test (POST) screen. It may be a CPU problem (again), it may be a motherboard problem. I don’t know until I can get my hands on it this evening and gently dismantle it. What I do know is that I could do without this sort of hassle, I’ve got various bits and pieces of work that I’ve promised I’d get to people this week.


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