Five things…

Close-up of five pebbles stacked one on another on a sandy beach.

I’ve been tagged twice in the last couple of weeks by other bloggers (Mother Ruth and Mike) to share with you five things you might not know about me.

Here are a few of my ‘firsts’:

  1. First album: The first album I ever bought was Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam and the Ants. I remember buying it in 1980 in an independent record shop in Edinburgh somewhere on my way back from a tea party for former missionaries in Western India (which is what my Mum was in the late 60s).

    I now have this album on CD thanks to a couple of friends from Inverness that I bumped into in Edinburgh a few years back, Heather and David Ogg.

  2. Favourite childhood dog: As a child I loved Standard Poodles. I don’t remember why, maybe because they were so big and I was so small. Now whenever I hear the word “poodle” I immediately think of The Flumps! Even though that was Pootle. I really have no emotional attachment to poodles now. Or dogs, generally.

  3. First rock hero: My first hero of rock music was, I’m a little ashamed to say … Gary Glitter (real name ‘Paul Gadd’). I most definitely wanted to be in his gang. I was five years old and here was a man dressed entirely in bacofoil, with an Elvis-style haircut, wearing platform shoes singing to loud, distorted guitar music. What wasn’t there to like? I have never owned any recordings of his, however.

  4. First girlfriend / first kiss: My first girlfriend was called Rosanne. I met her on a Borders Scripture Union outing and chatted with her on the minibus for the whole journey there and back. She was from Galashiels. That was all I knew: her name and where she was from. So the next morning I phoned her up. Actually, I phoned her granny first as there were two “Grants” living in Gala in the phone book and I guessed wrongly!
    My first kiss wasn’t until about a year later (following another Borders Scripture Union event) with my second girlfriend — and the first girl I ever truly fell in love with — called Margaret-Jane.

  5. Fiancées: My first fiancée was called Pauline, and things didn’t work out. My second fiancée was called Jane Neilson whom I was delighted to marry on Sunday 25 July 1999 at the Church of St Thomas, Edinburgh. When we married she took my name, so she’s now called Gareth Neilson! (Boom! boom!)

I’m now supposed to tag others. How about you, you, you, you and … you!