The Worlds Loveliest Smell™

Screenshot of Palmolive Naturals website

I honestly think I’ve just experienced a bit of what heaven is like.

Have you smelled the Palmolive Naturals norishing liquid handwash, the one with Almond Milk? If not then do. Honestly, it’s officially The Worlds Loveliest Smell™. It smells like small, fluffy baby angels. Hmmmm…

I just hope now that Palmolive don’t test this on animals. Or polute the water table in their manufacturing process. Because that would just spoil EVERYTHING!

No almonds were hurt in the writing of this blog post.

Christmas Eve preparations

The interior of the building of the Church of St Margaret of Scotland, Leven
The interior of the building of the Church of St Margaret of Scotland, Leven

This evening I’ll be dusting down my cassock alb for the first time in months and conducting Midnight Mass at the Church of St Margaret of Scotland, Leven. The service booklets have been prepared and printed (according to Fr Kelvin’s observation), my clerical shirts have been washing and ironed, matching dog collars fitted, suit and shoes are in the wardrobe ready and my sermon has been written. All I have to do now is wait.

Incidentally, that was possibly the longest I’ve ever spent working on a sermon. I have much respect to those NSMs who preach more regularly and manage to prepare for it ever week or two while holding down a full-time job. Mind you, I’m not surprised it took me most of the week, last weekend I was preparing for a big presentation to the University last Tuesday, as we shared with them the progress we’ve made on the website redesign project. And then I also had to present to Chaplaincy the title of my sermon before the end of the week, as I’ve been invited to preach at St Salvator’s Chapel (the University chapel) on Sunday 21 January.

Anyhow, before any of that can happen we’re off to Musselburgh this morning for the dedication service of Sophie Cooke, daughter of Roger and Sarah; Jane was at school with Sarah, and I was at TISEC with Roger.