Back in hospital

Diagram of a human spine

If it is your discipline, please pray for my sister Jenni as she went into hospital this morning by ambulance.

She’s had a really sore back for about 6 weeks now but this morning was in real agony, Mum called the doctor who immediately recommended an ambulance and a Do Not Pass Go card straight to the hospital. The last I heard she was waiting in line for an x-ray.

I’ll post more when I know.

Update at 21:20

I’ve just spoken with Mum on the telephone. Jenni is to be kept in overnight at least. It sounds as though they are not entirely sure what the problem is but that it may concern the soft tissue in her lower spine.

I also spoke with Jenni’s son Benjamin who was an absolute star looking after his Mum as she lay on the living room floor as they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive, getting her a pillow, travelling rug and a glass of water to take her pain-killers, with a straw in the glass because he knew that she couldn’t sit up to drink it. He’s such a kind and thoughtful young man (11 years old).

Thanks for your continued prayers.