I’ve had an idea!

Five bulbs, only one is on.

It’s true! I’ve had an idea; a good idea.

But don’t just take it from me, I have e-mail proof from someone clever. Clever enough to own his own business, anyway. Here’s what he wrote:

These are the kinds of ideas I live for; it’s stunningly simple and highly useful.

I am planning development for the spring of 2007 because we are experiencing pressure from [insert name of well-known software company here] to get our [insert name of well-known software product here] versions out the door ASAP.

If you have any other ideas like this – please drop me another line (and I’ve marked you down for a free copy when it comes out).

I won’t give any more away, lest someone steals my good idea, suffice to say that it will add some superb and highly useful functionality to the software title that I use most often on a daily business. But once it ships you can be assured that I’ll spill the beans.

St Andrews Photos

Screenshot of St Andrews Photos dot com

Yesterday I had the chance to meet Chris Davy, a graduate of St Andrews and the photographer behind the St Andrews Photos website, which contains a collection of some of the most beautiful photographs of St Andrews that I’ve ever seen.

Chris’s images feel crisp, intimate and involved. As we discussed his photographs I realised that unlike a lot of images that I’ve seen of places Chris’s photos feel authentic, as though he has really engaged with the town; he hasn’t been afraid to get involved — up close and personal — with his subject. The model that I had was like the difference between someone who passes through the town and takes tourist-y photographs of the place and someone who embeds themselves in the place, rather like a wildlife photographer camps out in a hide, and waits for the right moment.

I urge you to take a look at the St Andrews Photos website and see for yourself this most beautiful place in which I have the privilege of working.