Welcome to Disnaeland!

Disneyland map

What on earth is going on here? Could it be that I think I’ve discovered that this house that we’ve bought was built on the site where the windmills blew away? It is soooo windy! But then it’s like that around the country just now so I’m not too worried; it’ll calm down sooner or later.

No, what I’m most concerned about is that we appear to have moved to Disnaeland! When we first moved in we discovered that the heating disnae work, then on Tuesday I discover that my PC disnae work, then yesterday we discover that Jane’s portable TV disnae work, and now today my Black & Decker electric screwdriver disnae work.

And to think that we moved here to settle down, relax and just get on with life. Welcome to Disnaeland! The happiest place on earth … apparently!