Record of the week: Murder Inc.

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Today’s random blast from the past from Gareth’s Magnificent Wall of Metal™ comes courtesy of Murder Inc., the short-lived 1990s supergroup comprising members of Killing Joke, Pigface and Ministry.

I first heard Murder Inc. on a cassette that was recorded for me by a friend, Gregor, while I was working at Claridge Mills, Selkirk after leaving St Andrews in 1993. I think that I wanted a copy of Exodus‘s first album and told him to put something cool on the B-side. Murder Inc. has been a firm favourite ever since.

There were two things that really attracted me to Murder Inc. First was undoubtedly that their singer, Chris Connelly is Scottish, and sounds Scottish. Second, Murder Inc. don’t sound like your typical rock or metal band.

Murder Inc. is not an industrial metal band, but their music does contain more than a few industrial elements. It sounds melodic but raw, acidic and quite unpredictable. I’ve always liked music that was a bit different, that challenged the norm, that didn’t stick to a verse-chorus-middle-eight arrangement, that pushed boundaries. That’s why I’m into bands like Voivod, Celtic Frost, and the truly bizarre masterpieces that emerge from the ‘troubled’ mind of former Faith No More singer Mike Patton.

One of my favourite tracks is “Mania” which has the sound of a dot-matrix printer running in the background throughout the song; something I played around with myself around the same time on a song demo with a friend, Max (who is now an excellent tattoo artist). Great minds think alike, and all that!

I picked up the album The Complete Murder Inc: Locate Subvert Terminate on Amazon marketplace a while back for around four quid. Well worth it. This two disc collection combines the original, self-titled album (CD 1) along with a second disc of remixes, singles and live recordings.

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