3 thoughts on “World Aids Day”

  1. Poppies, for me, honour the soldiers who died in the World War’s, specifically, ensuring our freedom, and preventing the genocide of an entire race of people.

    AIDS is really upsetting, but what is more upsetting is that some of these people who fought to near death for our freedom, are sitting lonely and cold, barely able to afford their heating.

    I think it’s important to remember those in the World Wars. It’s harder to forget AIDS, its a big deal, and if you are willing to discuss AIDS ribbons, I feel you are probably well informed enough to know about AIDS and the problems and preventions for it. But many people forget the sheer loss of life man suffers at the hand of another man, and maybe if more people remembered this, we wouldn’t have hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq over weapons that never existed.

  2. it’s an iteresting thought.

    i have been reminded recently of the need to remember the past and honour those who have fought (physically and, dare I say spiritually) to get us to the point we are at now.

    we must not dwell on the past – Mike is right that there are people who paid a high price for the freedoms that we now enjoy (typing this comment, for example) and who ‘we’ have forgotten as the past.

    we have a responsiblity to those who gave so much to not screw things up by neglegting those around us who are in need of compassion. which means we must learn the lessons of love, grace and mercy and live it loud.

    why are we so concerned with celebrity? because it distracts us from the need we don’t want to see or feel unable to respond to. not sure what that has to do with anything, but hey….

    in conclusion.

    Wyld Stallions rule.

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