When can we play on the swings?

Playpark with two men standing next to it.

The area between our house and The Marches (a recent housing development where regular readers will remember we put in an offer for a house five minutes too late) has been lying empty for the last few months. It appears that this area has now been sold to a company that will be responsible for its upkeep as a public park; the sort of thing that the local council once did until money became such an issue. They are now building a children’s play park in the middle of the area.

During the last couple of days I’ve spotted the same two men arriving in their car around mid-morning, parking nearby and walking up to the fenced-off play park and looking longingly at the play equipment wondering when they’ll finally be allowed to play on the swings.

Or they could just be from the construction company overseeing its development.

But I prefer to think that it’s the former.

Clock watching

Spot the cat sitting on a table watching the clock

The other night dinner was interrupted briefly by the sound of Spot (the cat) pawing at something in the living room. We quietly poked our heads out of the dining room door to see Spot sitting on the coffee table intently watching the clock, and every now and then coiling up and leaping at the second hand as it ticked by. It was quite charming and quite hilarious.

Spot sitting on the armchair watching the clock

And it hasn’t stopped. This morning he was sitting for about 30 minutes on the armchair watching the second hand going round and round, and every now and then he’d try to attack it.

I need to get the washing machine up and running today. I suspect that Spot can’t wait.