Heating woes

Pipes and gauges

Ah, the joys of moving to a new house. The Scottish Gas engineer arrived this morning around 11:00 — hoorah! He promptly diagnosed the problem: the unit’s water pressure was too low and the on/off switch was broken. Half an hour later the boiler was working. Hoorah! pt.2. At last, we had both heat and hot water.

In fact, we have constant heat and hot water. The heating programmer clock in the utility room says that the central heating is off, the clock on the boiler itself says that the central heating is off. The radiators, however, say otherwise.

Not only that but the system appears to be draining almost as quickly as it is filling. There is a safety valve pipe thing under the boiler where you can see if there is any water draining, and it is a running at a fast and constant flow. I’m no heating engineer, but I know that that is not good.

So, I was back on the telephone to British Gas to ask them to kindly come around again and fix it. They fixed it enough to switch it on, now hopefully they’ll be able to fix it so that it works as designed. Only the kind lady at British Gas wouldn’t speak to me because I’m not mentioned on the contract; they would only speak with Jane. The wonderful nonsense of legislation sometimes.

Looks like I’ll be waiting in for the gas man again tomorrow morning.


You can follow this adventure in the blog post: Heating woes, pt.2.

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3 thoughts on “Heating woes”

  1. You didn’t update this – did the man come and solve the problem?

    I’m interested as there are many bad comments on British Gas Homecare on the web but not many positive.

  2. They did indeed fix this problem. I posted another update: Heating woes, pt2.

    The first engineer didn’t correctly diagnose the problem; I think he may have been very young an inexperienced.

    The second engineer, who saw the problem through to the end had visited here before. Often. He knew exactly what was wrong, ordered a bucket-load of parts and a day or two later came and fitted them.

    The heating has been working perfectly ever since — over three months now.

    I couldn’t praise the 2nd engineer high enough. He was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. A very good service from British Gas Homecare as far as I’m concerned.

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