Web 2.0 or Star Wars?

Star Wars - The Sith Sense poster
This made me laugh, so I thought I’d show it to you!

Here’s quite a fun quiz that I rediscovered today: Web 2.0 or Star Wars?. As it says on the tin:

How silly is the Web 2.0 hype getting? You tell us! Here’s a quick quiz…we looked in 30Boxes and analyzed 37Signals that led us to come up with the 43Things below. So without further ado, can you decide…

I scored 33/43.

31-40: As your doctor, I recommend moving out of your parents’ basement.

My favourite scoring band results was 41-42:

41-42: No, really. Go outside or something. Ride a bike. Run barefoot through the grass. Get a pet. Anything.

I wonder if Star Wars 2.0 would be things like X-Wing Fighters with rounded-corners and gradients, a more interactive Death Star with an improved and dynamic rich user experience, and the same relentless Empire domination of the galaxy but with the opportunity for user reviews.