I’m in Dublin

Hotel room

It’s true! I’m in Dublin. And just to prove it, here is a photograph of my (an) hotel room in said Irish capital. Look (above) it’s a real, Irish bedroom. In a real Irish hotel. In real Ireland. Really.

And this (below) is the view from my real Irish hotel room in real Ireland:

View from my hotel room -- of a sandy field.

It appears to be a building site themed on a gymkhana. There was also a crane nearby which I could have taken a photograph of, but if it’s alright with you I’m going to keep that to myself as a private memory. I don’t want to give everything away on my blog, you know!

It’s been a good day. Up early (05:45), at the airport by 06:45, flight left on time (ish) and no sooner had we got to cruising height than we were making our descent into Dublin International Airport.

Taxi or bus? Those are the kind of important decisions you have to make when you’re an international business traveller. We decided on taxi, but the queue was massive so we crossed the road to the Aircoach. Only to return to the taxi queue a few minutes later when the packed bus drove off without us. I guess I am new to this international business traveller business after all!

The rest of the day has been taken up with the TERMINALFOUR Open Day, which has been excellent. An excellent opportunity to meet other Higher Education users of T4, an excellent opportunity to find out what is intended for the next few versions and to put in our own tuppenceworth (twoeurosworth maybe?), and an excellent opportunity to blog from Dublin. Which is where I am just now. Did I mention that?