Eddie and Mini-me

Eddie and Owen Saunders

While I’m scanning photographs, here is a recent photograph of my brother Edmund and his son Owen. This was taken by Mum, I think, following Owen’s baptism. Both Eddie and Owen were dressed almost identically; Eddie and Mini-Me, indeed.

Since I’ve last seen him Owen is now crawling; Jane returned from Rebecca and Eddie’s last weekend with a video on her mobile phone of Owen crawling quickly across the living room. Don’t they grow up so quickly!

Wedding photographs

On Friday 15 September, as Jane and I were driving down the road to Selkirk we both suddenly realised that we’d left our digital cameras at home. Usually that’s not much of a problem, but we were heading down to attend the wedding of our dear friends Kenny Fyfe and Chris Goble in Selkirk.

Thankfully my Mum had been given a digital camera for her birthday, and my nephew Benjamin is also a budding young photographer. So I’ve been meaning to post these photographs for a few weeks now.

Kenny and Chris Fyfe with Gareth outside St John's, Selkirk
Kenny and Chris with Gareth outside the Church of St John the Evanglelist, Selkirk.

Rosalie, Jane and Benjamin Saunders
Rosalie (Mum), Jane (Wife) and Benjamin (Nephew) Saunders.

Alasdair Allan, Gareth Saunders, David Watson and Warren Bumpsteed
Friends Reunited: Alasdair Allan, Gareth Saunders (me), David Watson and Warren Bumpsteed.