We’re buying a house!

45 Lindsay Berwick Place

At the moment Jane and I now have our metaphorical property fingers in three metaphorical property pies. Today it was confirmed that our offer on 45 Lindsay Berwick Place (pictured right) was accepted. Our move-in date is Wednesday 8 November.

So now we have to ensure that our furniture is out of Kadesh before 17 October, when the new boiler is fitted, prior to the handover date of 25 October. Quite how we will fit two households-worth of furniture into this house that we’re struggling to fit one-load into I’m not entirely sure, but it will be fun trying. And we live on the second and third floors!

Then we’ll have a fortnight of living in “Steptoe’s warehouse” before we can start ferrying our belongings ten minutes up the road to our new “dream house”, as Mum called it on the phone today.

Feeling a little flat

The only disappointment today was discovering that our shorthold tenancy in the rental house we’re in just now will not permit us to give notice before the end of the tenancy. In our case that is April 2007. So unless Rollo Davidson McFarlane can find another tenant before then we will also have to pay the full rent for the next five months in a property that we’re not living in.

Both Jane and I have been involved in Assured Shorthold Tenancies before and have never encountered a situation, until now, whereby the tenant was not able to give notice to leave. Reading through the lease again I can’t believe that we didn’t notice that this information was missing. It would appear that the point of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy is to protect the landlord. The landlord can ask a tenant to leave with two months notice, but seemingly it is out of the question that a tenant might wish to voluntarily leave the property before the lease expires. It seems utterly crazy.

Please pray…

Anyway, dear saints of the Internet, please pray that someone will want a lovely house by the sea from mid-November. God has provided for us this far, we need to trust that He has this bit in hand too.

In the meantime here are some more photographs of the new house (lifted from the estate agent’s website):

Kitchen Dining room
Kitchen (left) and Dining Room (right).

Living room
Living room with double doors through to the Dining Room.

Main bedroom Bedroom 3
Main bedroom (left) and Bedroom 3 (right).

The new house comprises:

Ground floor:

  • Entrance hall
  • Living room
  • Kitchen and Dining Room
  • Utility Room
  • Office/Family Room
  • WC Cloak Room

First floor:

  • Main Bedroom, with en suite
  • Family Bathroom
  • Bedroom 2
  • Bedroom 3
  • Bedroom 4 (which we will use as a music room)
  • Two massive linen cupboards
  • (Floored attic space)


  • Front garden with monoblocked drive
  • Rear garden with lawn, drying area, BBQ-area and garden shed

God has blessed us so much. Praise God!

You wait ages for one site to launch and then two come along at once…

Clock showing 9 o'clock.

For the last four months or so I’ve been working on a new redesign of the SAULCAT interface for the University of St Andrews Library. SAULCAT, for those not fortunate enough to have studied at the University of St Andrews, stands for St Andrews University Library CATalogue.

By the time you read this (I wrote this last night in my time machine) the new design should have gone live. Check it out at this nice, user-friendly URL (which will be made nice and user-friendly next week):

If it looks all retro-1995 then it didn’t switch over. If it’s all nice gradients, Amazon-esque tabs and looking a bit Web 2.0 then it all went well. Welcome to the brave new world.

I feel delighted that this project has come to fruition, all that work behind the scenes and now I have something to show for it. But I also feel a little sad that it’s over. I’ve enjoyed working on this project closely with members of the library staff, who have been stars … even if they didn’t go for my green design! 😉

Going underground

Meanwhile at the University of Southampton, my new design for the Boldrewood Tunnel Society website should also be going live, if Fr Simon can successfully battle the problems with his hosting account.

The Boldrewood Tunnel Society is a student society for members of the University of Southampton who are protesting at the closure of a non-existent link tunnel between two parts of the University campus. Sounds confusing? It’s not really. I guess it is some kind of postmodern stab at existentialist irony. Or something.

Please employ similar criteria to SAULCAT for deciding whether the site has changed over: if it looks as though it might benefit from a couple of <marquee> tags and some blinking text then it’s still the original design; while if it looks a sexy arrangement of reds and greens with images of dolphins leaping through tunnels and Dave Gorman in a hoodie then Fr Simon has won this round of his battle with technology.

Back to the coding table …