Not all four-letter words are bad

Sold sign
Kadesh has now been sold.

On Monday 25 September we sold Kadesh, only eleven days after we put it on the market. It was truly an answer to prayer; praise God!

Having been so disappointed that we couldn’t afford to extend the house in the way that we envisioned it we quickly set about putting it up for sale. Jane’s negotiation and bargaining skills with the three local estate agents was second to none and we soon opted for the un-Christian-sounding Pagan Osborne who have been excellent.

One thing that has really impressed us with Pagan Osborne, other than the quality of service, is their schedule. Rather than making do with double-sided, colour A4 sheet Pagan provide — for a fee, of course — a very professional-looking colour booklet that really presents the property (or “subjects” according to the blurb in the schedule) in a very good light. We’re going to keep a few as souvenir of what we acheived with that property.

Property schedule
The schedule for Kadesh.

One really nice feature of the Pagan Osborne schedules — other estate agents please take note — is the floor plan on the back page. Having been looking for a new property ourselves, we know how easy it is to forget the ins and outs of each building so the floor plan really helps to remember how it is laid out. A very simply but highly useful feature.

The first week that Kadesh was on the market was very quiet. We had no viewings the first weekend it was on, and only one viewing midweek. The following weekend was a different matter: we had seven, spread across the Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a glorious day, which really showed off the newly renovated garden; Sunday was a miserable, grey downpour of a day — the one viewer (at 09:30) spent a total of around 5 minutes in the property and didn’t even look at the garden.

Anyhow, we’d about sold it by then. The first viewers on Saturday morning, Mr and Mrs T, fell in love with the place and first thing on Monday morning we received a call from our solicitor saying that we’d received an offer for the asking price, would we accept? Of course!

So we now need to find space for a house-full of furniture by the last week in October. Not to mention somewhere else to live.

WARNING: blog plot spoiler ahead. If you don’t want to know the possible contents of a later blog posting stop reading now.

But you know what? That might not be as far off as you may imagine.

Pillow talk

Pillow on a bed.

Conversation overheard in bed at 05:00 this morning:

Gareth: I love you.
Jane: I love you too.
Gareth: I love you more than … George W Bush.
Jane: That shouldn’t be difficult, you hate George Bush.
Gareth: I don’t hate him. I just think he’s … in the wrong job.
Jane: Ok.
Gareth: Anyway, I still love you more than George W Bush.
Jane: That’s very reassuring, thank you.