Don’t give a storm a window of opportunity

Storm clouds

Here’s a top tip for you: if you are going to leave your Velux (roof) window open overnight in your study while there is a torrential storm raging outside don’t leave your Psion Series 7 sitting beneath it on your desk because by the morning it will have stopped working properly.

It’s also not a great idea to leave your laptop there either. Or your telephone. Or PC monitor. Or books. Or … indeed maybe we ought just to agree that it’s a good rule to close the window at night.

I’d left the Psion to dry out during the day today but the keyboard is now being completely random, even after a hard reset. Looks like I’ll be getting in touch with POS Ltd in the morning again, who are the masters of Psion repairs. Yet another expense we could do without.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t give a storm a window of opportunity”

  1. Update this morning (Monday) is that the keyboard is now working fine, although there is now a massive stain on the inside of the LCD screen; looks like it is between the touch-sensitive membrane (ouch!) and the glass.

  2. Not that I’m advocating getting one wet, but I have to say that my Psion 5mx demonstrated a good deal of water resistance over the years – there were a number of occasions when it had the entire contents of glasses of water tipped over it and carried on working, indeed until it’s most recent visit to Pos, it still had water stains visible inside. Usually all it took was a period of time to dry it off, and it worked fine.

    From experience, because they are solid state, Psions and PDA’s in general are better able to cope with getting wet than laptops…

  3. That’s great news, thanks Richard. I’ve just checked the Series 7 again and the touch-screen and silk-screen buttons are not working now, although the keyboard is functioning fine now. I’ll package it up and send it to POS, who kindly got back to me by email this morning.

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