Don’t give a storm a window of opportunity

Storm clouds

Here’s a top tip for you: if you are going to leave your Velux (roof) window open overnight in your study while there is a torrential storm raging outside don’t leave your Psion Series 7 sitting beneath it on your desk because by the morning it will have stopped working properly.

It’s also not a great idea to leave your laptop there either. Or your telephone. Or PC monitor. Or books. Or … indeed maybe we ought just to agree that it’s a good rule to close the window at night.

I’d left the Psion to dry out during the day today but the keyboard is now being completely random, even after a hard reset. Looks like I’ll be getting in touch with POS Ltd in the morning again, who are the masters of Psion repairs. Yet another expense we could do without.

I have the brain of a cabbage today

Inside of a cabbage

Today I appear (at least from the perspective from inside my head) to have the brain of a cabbage. I’m feeling quite dizzy, quite muddled and quite confused. Ironically I suspect that it may be a side-effect of the anti-dizziness pills I’m on.

For example, I was just standing having a perfectly coherent conversation with the fridge earlier this morning, and for some reason I just couldn’t understand a single word it was saying.