Owen’s baptism & Soo and Martin’s anniversary

Family and friends in the garden after the baptism of Owen.

Our visits to Edinburgh at the weekends are not getting any fewer. Yesterday we travelled down to South Queensferry to celebrate Susan and Martin’s first wedding anniversary; Susan is Jane’s younger sister. Only we forgot to take any photographs, or indeed — as Soo may remind us again — a present!

The weekend before we were in Edinburgh on Sunday morning to attend Owen’s baptism at St Thomas’s Episcopal Church (where Jane and I were married); Owen is my nephew, the son of my brother Eddie. The weather was glorious and it was lovely to be with so many members of the family again.

In the photograph above we have, from left to right: Rebecca Saunders (Eddie’s wife), Eddie Saunders holding Owen Saunders (the star of the show), Jane Saunders (my wife), Jenni Saunders (my sister) with her son Benjamin Saunders (light blue top), Robin Brydon (my cousin), Nancy Mitchison (friend of my Mum and Eddie’s godmother), Zoë Brydon (my cousin), Jasmine Simpson (my Mum’s cousin), Rosalie Saunders (my Mum), Gareth Saunders (me), Lewis Brydon (my uncle, Mum’s brother), Dougie Mitchison (wife of Nancy), Christine Brydon (my auntie, Lewis’s wife).