Dinner party

Balloon dog

Jane and I have just returned home, having been all the way next door for the evening. We held a dinner party to which we invited a couple of our neighbour couples to celebrate the repossession (by us) of our cottage, Kadesh.

Because this afternoon the last family to have booked Kadesh left, and left us Kadesh. It’s ours again. Our holiday cottage is now no longer a holiday cottage, it’s just a cottage. Our cottage. Our cottage that needs extended in order that we can fit all our stuff into it.

And so this evening we celebrated with our new friends, our neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours. With a little understanding you can find the perfect blend. Neighbours should be there for one another. That’s when good neighbours become good friends. Or so I’ve heard.

We ate (lasagne; both vegetarian and minced beef), we drank (cranberry, beer and wine; not all in the same glass), we laughed (at me), we played a board game (a horse-racing one) and scoffed Ferrero Rocher (we were being spoiled) and home-made (almost) tablet.

All too soon the evening was over and we retired to our own homes. Do think of Ian, he’s working in the morning (9.00 am – 5.00 pm) making balloon animals all day. Or something.