Google PageRank of Google

Screenshot of Google's PageRank of Google UK

Is there something wrong with my Google Toolbar for Firefox or does Google really not think much of itself?

As you can see from the screenshot Google’s PageRank “is Google’s measure of the importance of [a Web] page”, and Google UK this morning it scored exactly 0/10.

During the last couple of days I’ve noticed it score between 0/10 and 9/10. Maybe like the rest of us Google just gets tired of itself every now and again and needs a break. Go on Google, we all think you’re great!

(Techy fact: If anyone is wondering how I managed to take a screenshot that included the cursor, I used Corel Paint Shop Pro X’s File > Import > Screen Capture function.)

The book is finished!

Finished book manuscript awaiting posting.

At last, I’m done — and I’m fairly done in too! — the book manuscript is finished and awaiting posting.

For those of you who may not know, since May I’ve been working on writing an update to the Hodder Education book Teach Yourself Mahjong. The original author, Mr David Pritchard, sadly died at the end of last year, and Hodder approached me in the Spring to work on the proposed 3rd edition.

Having read through the last edition, and thoroughly absorbed Mr Pritchard’s wishes for the revised edition, I set about compiling a list of all the updates and edits that I felt needed to be made. In the end my list contained 77 required edits, which meant anything from simple requests like “change the words ‘Chapter 11’ to ‘Chaper 12′” to “that illustration is upside down, please turn it the right way round” to writing completely new chapters.

I’ve written two new chapters: one on the new (as of 1998, which is fairly new in the context of a game that is around 130 years old) Chinese Official International Rules and mahjong on computers and the internet.

And all I need to do now is post the lot (all 1.7 Kg) to the publisher. As well as the original manuscript, which I’ve marked-up, there are also print-outs of the two new chapters, plus a print-out of the new manuscript (edits and all) as well as a CD-ROM with the whole shebang in electronic format.

And then I wait to see if what I wrote was good enough / will be included / isn’t littered with errors* (*delete as applicable). In the meantime, can I have my life back now please…?