The write place

Laptop, mug and papers sitting on a kitchen table.

God is good. I know that I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably get a load of comments claiming that God is good anyway regardless of the lovely things he does for Jane and I, and I quite agree … BUT, I’ll say it again: God is good. And this is why:

Way back in 2004 when we were looking for a house to buy Jane managed to convince me that it was a good idea to invest in a house with these words: “it could be somewhere that you could go to write”.

That was it: done. That was all it took to convince me, and a few months later we collected the keys to our wee holiday cottage, which we later named Kadesh, and sadly I’ve actually done very little writing there to be honest. I’ve done a lot of drilling, and a lot of painting, but very little writing. Until this week.

Last Friday we were expecting a family from Italy to come and stay the following day; they were booked up and everything™. And then with only 24 hours notice we received a telephone call from Interhome, our European holiday cottage booking agency, to say that they had cancelled. One member of the party had sadly been rushed into hospital. (I’m not sure if they were ‘rushed’ but it certainly made that last sentence sound more dramatic, didn’t it.)

So, while we may have been £1,000 the poorer this past fortnight, I have had somewhere in which to ensconce myself to finally finish my mahjong book. Like an estranged couple Jane has spent her evenings in the Toft Terrace house, while I’ve been holed up in George Street (next door) with no landline, no mobile phone reception, and no WiFi internet connection to distract me. As Dave Gorman so insightfully put it: the internet contains everything in the world ever, and I don’t know about you but I find everything in the world ever somewhat distracting. I quite agree.

And it has worked! This week I’ve been the most productive I’ve been on this project. I’ve suddenly found my rhythm, the words have been flowing, and all of a sudden my head is clear: I know what I should be writing and how I should write it. It is all coming together nicely. It’s amazing what a holiday and rest and the right environment does for you! I think that was part of the trouble: I was just exhausted, not having had break since February.

And at last I’m writing in my Writing House. “Kadesh” is a Hebrew word that means a holy place, a place set apart. That’s exactly what it’s been for me this week. It has been an oasis, a safe place, a sanctuary.

So what have I learned this week? That God is good. God has blessed us so much with the provision of our wee house. That God gives us space when we need it. Even if it means that random Italian strangers have to fall ill to provide that space*.

(* I’m not entirely sure about that last bit!!)