Images from Canada

A couple of times in the last few days my phone has chirpped my familiar “24” ringtone, indicating that I’ve received a text message. Each time — in between cricket updates from Cricket 4 — they have been multimedia messages from Jane: images from her holiday in Canada.

Thunderbird Park

First up is this image of “Thunderbird Park”. Is it really sad that my first thought was not of the classic 1960s Jerry Anderson puppet series (Thunderbirds) but of the Mozilla e-mail client (Thunderbird)?

Darth Vader playing the violin.

What more natural a scene to photograph than this of Darth Vader playing the violin. Darth Violin, perhaps?

Sign reading Selkirk Massage Therapy

Today’s text message reported that Jane and her folks are having lunch … in Selkirk! Not Selkirk, Scottish Borders, Scotland, UK but Selkirk, Vancouver Island, Canada.

It’s a small world. Apart from the huge distances between things.