Bye bye

Illustration of the Canadian flag.

This morning I waved goodbye to Jane. It’s the last time that I’ll ever see her again. Until Saturday. Saturday 22 July. (2006, in case you were wondering.) Can you feel my pain?

This afternoon Jane flies to London (to see the Queen) and then on Friday she will be joined by her older sister Pauline, and the two of them (and a whole bunch of strangers, I don’t want you to think that they’ve chartered their own aircraft) will fly to Canada to meet up with their parents for a vacation in Vancouver. A ‘vancation’?

So it’s just me and the cats, and the Lord, and the Communion of Saints, and my book, and my metal collection, and my job to keep me entertained for the next 11 days. Speaking of which, I’d better get to work now. Bye bye!

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