“Whatever tickles your pickle!”

A jar of Branston pickle

One of the great things about Nikki in this year’s Big Brother — other than the great way that the Geordie voice-over man pronounces her name: Nih’ee — is her totally-made-up-phrases™.

This evening’s totally-made-up-phrase™ was: “Whatever tickles your pickle!”

What on earth does that mean?! “Whatever tickles your pickle!” What could she possibly have mixed that phrase with? Whatever floats your boat. It’s so left-field it is almost genius.

I love pickle.

3 thoughts on ““Whatever tickles your pickle!””

  1. I’m usually a lurker come over from the Join Me page, but I felt the need to address this – Nikki’s not the only one to use that phrase! I use it a lot, it’s just another way of saying ‘Whatever tickles your fancy’. 🙂

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