Scotland 66 – Barbarians 19

Photograph of Scotland playing rugby against the Barbarians at Murrayfield.
Scotland keeping The Barbarians from scoring a try, at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh yesterday.

Yesterday evening, after work, I drove down to Edinburgh to join Jane and members of her office at Murrayfield, to watch the Scotland rugby team play The Barbarians.

And just to prove that I was actually there, and that the photograph wasn’t simply taken by a friend and sent via SMS to me …

Gareth with two thumbs up, at Murrayfield Stadium.
Gareth giving a traditional Scottish Rugby ‘thumbs-up’ after Scotland took their score over the 50 points mark.

That was my second visit to Murrayfield Stadium and so far I’ve never seen Scotland beaten there. Admittedly, my first visit was for the Live 8 Edinburgh concert last year, but that’s a mere technicality.

On my way out of the stadium, which was about a third full with a crowd attendance of around 20,000, I bumped into … Mark, a member of the Business Improvements unit, who works in the office upstairs from me at St Andrews. It’s a wee world!

Here’s to more visits to Murrayfield to watch Scotland winning!