Looks like rain

Dark rain clouds over green and yellow fields.

I pulled the car over on my way home to take this photograph; I was using our old Kodak digital camera. The drama of the scene wasn’t quite captured, unfortunately, but you get an idea of how enormous and foreboding that rain cloud looked.

What doesn’t come out on the picture was the contrast of colours. The fields were a vibrant green and yellow, then on the horizon sat white and fluffy clouds, above which there was a streak of brilliant blue, and above that these dark and ugly clouds.

The forecast for the weekend appears to be rain, rain and more rain. Which is a shame as Jane and I have been invited to the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.


Which is nice. I’d better dust down my copy of Debrett’s and gen up on how I address Her Majesty, when she comes over to comment on how nice my new suit looks.

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