Wrong delivery address!

White van

When I arrived home today I was fully expecting to find a delivery note from a the Royal Mail or a courier company to say that they’d tried to deliver our new digital camera. On Friday I received the following e-mail from SavaStore:

Dear Gareth Saunders

That’s me.

Thank you for your order placed with savastore.com

You are very welcome.

The order has now been despatched to you.


So I was fully expecting to find a note this evening indicating that the camera had at least reached Fife. But what I failed to take into account was that I’m an idiot.

I’ve just realised that having ordered the new digital camera (Fuji Finepix S5600) the other day I had arranged for it to be delivered … to my old address in Edinburgh! Or at least, I just didn’t change the default address.

While we set up a mail redirection with the Royal Mail, sadly it doesn’t also apply to courier companies like CityLink.

Thankfully, however, Jane is in Edinburgh until Wednesday, so is going to pick up the delivery note and arrange to collect the camera from the depot before she jets back to Cellardyke on Wednesday evening.

How exciting … but it still doesn’t distract from the fact that I’m an idiot! An idiot with too many people to inform about our recent relocation.